EFFECTIVE January 1, 2016 your current subscription to the Popular 25 Shared eMagazine Zinio for Libraries Collection is MERGING with our VALUE Shared eMagazine Zinio for Libraries Collection. YOU WILL NEED TO COMPLETE TWO STEPS FOR PREPARE: 1. YOUR NEW URL LINK: https://www.rbdigital.com/50emagazine/service/zinio/landing? 2. YOU WILL NEED NEW ACCOUNT ACCESS: You will need to complete a one-time re-activation (barcode, email, password, select home library) to access the Value Collection. Your collection is growing from the current 25 to 57 popular magazines. 1. Access to more than double the number of popular magazines 2. ALL your prior checked out magazines will stay in your personal collection if you use the same email address for the new collection site.

There are no services currently available. Please contact your library.

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